Translational Research

We develop translational projects in close collaboration with clinicians specialized in liver diseases.


Within the team, we have a long standing expertise on:
• fibrosis (V. De Ledinghen)
• hepatocellular adenoma (P. Bioulac-Sage, C. Balabaud)

We also develop projects that aim to identify biomarkers of Sorafenib efficiency (JF. Blanc/F. Saltel).



Jean-Frédéric BLANC, PU-PH - Liver Oncologist (Bordeaux)
Charles BALABAUD, PU-PH Emeritus - Hepatologist
Paulette BIOULAC-SAGE, PU-PH Emeritus - Liver Pathologist
Brigitte LE BAIL, PU-PH - Liver Pathologist (Bordeaux CHU)
Victor DE LEDINHGEN, PU-PH - Hepatologist (Bordeaux CHU)


Main publications

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Updated on 25/06/2018