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Our research focuses on the identification of biomarkers and new therapeutic targets involved in liver physiopathology (Rare disease: Alpha 1-Antitrypsin Deficiency and Cancer: Hepatocellular carcinoma).

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Alpha-1-antitrypsin (1AT) deficiency (1ATD) is a rare genetic disorder that manifests as pulmonary emphysema and liver damages (cirrhosis). Given the limited therapeutic options in 1ATD we aim to identify biomarkers, new therapeutic targets and pharmacologic agents able to prevent or cure the different symptoms associated to 1ATD. To address these goals, we use several approaches (exome sequencing, genetic screens and proteomic) and work in closed collaboration with clinical group (Pr Lachaux Team, Children’s Hospital, Lyon), academic team (Gliter lab, Stanford University, USA) and patients association (ADAAT Alpha 1 France).

In parallel, we aim at better understanding the mechanisms of action of two Translation Initiation Factors: eIF3H and eIF3G in liver tumor cells. We use a wide range of biochemical and cell biological methods to identify eIF3H and eIF3G targeted genes and pathways and evaluate their impact on hepatocellular carcinoma progression and development.


Our translational research aims to identify Biomarkers and new Therapeutic Targets involved in Alpha 1-Antitrypsin Deficiency.

Two principal research axes:

• Translational research on Alpha 1-antitrypsin Deficiency using exome sequencing, genetic screens and proteomic approaches.
• eiF3H and eiF3G involvement in liver cancer progression



• Marion organized the first symposium on "Liver rare diseases" in Bordeaux, France / 8 February, 2019.

• Marion presented her data at the 6th Alpha-1 Global Patient Congress: Lisbon, Portugal / 5-8 April, 2017.

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Alexandra LEHMANN - PhD student

Céline LEON - Engineer

Arnaud JABOUILLE - CRCN Inserm


Main publications

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Marion Bouchecareilh