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Oncoprot (30 June 2017)

proteins in a complex sample. This procedure can be applied to classical FFPE tumor sections and compatible to biopsies.   Activities To identify signature biomarkers in tumors To compare ... mass spectrometry, laser capture, laser microdissection, proteome, tumors

Team 1 - Liver Cancer and Tumor Invasion (06 May 2019)

axes: Mediators of liver carcinogenesis (beta-catenin, RhoGTPases, translation factors) Molecular bases of tumor invasion (Invadosomes, Type I Collagen, discoidin domain receptors, Rho ... Team 1 - Liver Cancer and Tumor Invasion

Publication from Team 1 in JCB (06 April 2017)

the protrusion-localization sequence in p190A and show that cancer-associated mutations in this region affect p190A localization and function as well as tumor cell migration. related publication: Journal of Cell ... Regulating Rho GTPases at the right place: lessons from tumors

Group V. Moreau (06 May 2019)

cells by p190RhoGAP. SmallGTPases, 2017 Mar 13:1-12. (Review). Paysan L*, Piquet L*, Saltel F, Moreau V. Rnd3 in Cancer: a Review of the Evidence for Tumor Promoter or Suppressor. Mol Cancer Res, 2016 ... Our research focuses on the molecular bases of hepatic tumor cell invasion.

Group F. Saltel (16 February 2019)

Research Metastases development at a distance from a primary site of cancer represents the principal cause of cancer-related mortality. Presently, there is no efficient way to block tumor cell ... The overall project is to identify, at cellular and tissue levels, molecular pathways involved in tumor progression.

Team 1 awarded FRM label 2018 (05 September 2018)

The "Liver Cancer and Tumor Invasion" team from BaRITOn led by Violaine Moreau and Frédéric Saltel, has just been awarded the "FRM Team of the Fondation de la Recherche Médicale" label.

Organization of the Unit (23 January 2018)

The BaRITOn unit is composed of three INSERM teams. Team 1 - Liver cancer and tumor invasion Team 2 - Helicobacter infection: Inflammation and Cancer Team 3 - Oncogenesis of cutaneous

Publication from Team1 & Oncoprot in Hepatology (30 June 2017)

* and Frédéric Saltel* Hepatocellular adenomas (HCA) are rare benign tumors divided into three main subgroups defined by patho-molecular features. In the case of unclassified HCA (UHCA), which are currently

Team 3 - Oncogenesis of cutaneous lymphomas (20 June 2019)

disease’s stages. Our team involves clinicians and researchers working in the Dermatology, Pathology and Tumor Genetic Departments of Bordeaux University Hospital with coordination of the Cancer Biobank. We

Members (29 January 2019)

manager   Team #1 - Liver Cancer and Tumor Invasion (V. Moreau/F. Saltel) Member Status Affiliation ABOU HAMMOUD Aya Post-doc INSERM (CDD