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Histopathology (26 March 2018)

The Histopathology platform is affiliated to the BaRITOn unit and belongs to TBMCore (INSERM US005) ... histopathology, immunohistochemistry ... Histopathology

Platforms (20 March 2017)

The Oncoprot platform is leaded by Frédéric Saltel (scientific manager) and Anne-Aurélie Raymond (technical manager). The Histopathology platform is leaded by Pierre Dubus (scientific manager ... Two platforms are affiliated to the BaRITOn unit: Oncoprot and the histopathology platform.

Group 4 - Helicobacter infection and Alzheimer’s disease (PI: Claire Roubaud-Baudron) (20 November 2020)

. There is a growing body of evidence that amyloid beta peptide, a histopathological hallmark of AD, could act like an antimicrobial peptide, supporting the infectious hypothesis of AD. Moreover, the neuroinflammation

The word from the Director (10 April 2017)

including a fully automated cell tracking system, imaging, histopathology as we host the TransBiomed Histological Platform. Thanks to the TransBiomed federation, we also have access to common facilities

Oncoprot (29 November 2020)

quantification by mass spectrometry of a set of choice of known biomarkers.   Infrastructure and Equipment LEICA RM2255 automatic microtome of Histopathology plateform PALM type 4 automated laser

Translational Research (29 November 2020)

protein-deficient hepatocellular adenomas: histopathologic spectrum of a rare phenomenon, Mod. Pathol. 2020, 33, 665–675. S. Shili-Masmoudi, G. L.-H. Wong, J.-B. Hiriart, K. Liu, F. Chermak, S. S.-T. Shu