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Team 3 - Oncogenesis of cutaneous lymphomas (12 February 2018)

project such as deciphering telomerase functions in aggressive T-cell lymphomas, modeling chromosomal or genetic mutations in genetically-modified cells and establishing patients-derived long-term cultures ... Cutaneous lymphoma as a general model to study lymphoid cells oncogenesis ... Team 3 - Oncogenesis of cutaneous lymphomas

Organization of the Unit (23 January 2018)

The BaRITOn unit is composed of three INSERM teams. Team 1 - Liver cancer and tumor invasion Team 2 - Helicobacter infection: Inflammation and Cancer Team 3 - Oncogenesis of cutaneous

Bordeaux Cell Biology Gathering (16 March 2017)

The Bordeaux Cell Biology Gathering (BCBG) 2017 will take place on 4th April at the domaine du Haut-Carré in Talence. This day was created so that the Cell Biology community of Bordeaux can meet ... 4th April 2017: First Bordeaux Cell Biology Gathering ... Bordeaux Cell Biology Gathering

Bordeaux Cell Biology Gathering 2018 (12 March 2018)

The Bordeaux Cell Biology Gathering (BCBG) was created to gather together researchers of the Bordeaux Metropole interessed in Cell Biology. The second edition of BCBG will take place the 4th April ... The 2nd edition of the Bordeaux Cell Biology Gathering will take place at Haut-Carré on the 4th of April 2018. ... Bordeaux Cell Biology Gathering 2018

Group V. Moreau (25 June 2018)

carcinoma cell invasion.   People   Main publications Piquet L, Robbe T, Neaud V, Basbous S, Rosciglione S, Saltel F, Moreau V. Rnd3/RhoE expression is regulated by G-actin through MKL1-SRF activity ... Our research focuses on the molecular bases of hepatic tumor cell invasion.

Poster Price for Capucine Héraud (25 June 2018)

Capucine Héraud won the SBCF (French Society for Cell Biology) poster price at the 7th French Cell Adhesion Club Symposium (Strasbourg, May 23-25, 2018)

Group F. Saltel (05 June 2018)

Research Metastases development at a distance from a primary site of cancer represents the principal cause of cancer-related mortality. Presently, there is no efficient way to block tumor cell

Use of STED microscopy to visualize liver sinusoidal endothelial fenestrae (05 June 2018)

Biology of the cell STED microscopy: a simplified method for liver sinusoidal endothelial fenestrae analysis Julie Di Martino1,2,¶, Patrice Mascalchi2,3, Philippe Legros4, Sabrina Lacomme2 ... This study was just published in Biology of the Cell by members of Team 1. The first author of this paper is Julie di Martino, former PhD student of Fred Saltel.

Members (12 March 2018)

VARON Christine Assistant professor University of Bordeaux   Team #3 - Oncogenesis of Cutaneous Lymphomas (JPh. Merlio) Member Status Affiliation

Last publication from Team 1 : UNR in JCS (26 June 2017)

to the nucleoplasmic reticulum in polyploid and stressed cells. Active mRNA translation occurs in these structures, helping polyploid cells to maintain protein synthesis. Published in Journal of Cell Science on April 6